Investment: 09.2016

Activity: Integration and development of major ERP solutions

Turnover 2016: €19m

Founded in 2003, TVH Consulting is a key player in the integration and development of major ERP solutions. TVH serves a portfolio of blue chip, mid-cap customers, who value both its acclaimed level of expertise and its vertical solutions developed internally around ERP solutions, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sage X3-Géode.
Its customers are biotech companies, food-processing companies and cooperatives, retail and omnichannel distribution companies. TVH Consulting’s international footprint has led the company to bring together a network of partners around its solutions and projects across more than 30 countries.
Besides the high organic growth rate of the group, many development and build-up opportunities in France and abroad have been identified to turn TVH into a leader in the integration of ERP solutions.