Investment: 12.2012
Activity: World maritime service operator
Turnover 2014: €717m

Jaccar is the family holding of Jacques de Chateauvieux, founder of Bourbon and Chairman of the supervisory board of Axa from 2008 to 2010.

Within less than 20 years, Jacques de Chateauvieux has turned his group from a pure player in the sugar industry in La Réunion to a 1 billion euros Gross Asset Value worldwide operator in marine services, which includes, among others, Bourbon, the global leader in offshore Oil & Gas marine services.

Jaccar’s activity is segmented into 3 categories defined by distinct value creation strategies:

    • Segment A: Businesses with long-term growth potential, requiring high capex to reach a differentiating critical size. Ex.: Bourbon (marine services) and Sapmer (fishing boat operator in the Indian Ocean).


    • Segment B: Cyclical markets by nature, where innovation results in a competitive advantage for a limited span of time. Ex.: Greenship (operator of dry bulk and LPG/LEG vessels).


    • Segment C: Markets in transition period, where current economic conditions are enticing opportunistic deals in emerging markets (particularly in China and Vietnam). Ex.: Sinopacific (Chinese shipyards), APMG (private hospitals operator).


Through its investments, Jaccar is exposed to high growth underlying markets (offshore Oil & Gas, fishing, marine services) and geographies (exposure to China and South-East Asia as well as Latin America and Africa).

Jaccar: https://www.jaccar.net/