Investment: 01.2018
Activity: Infrastructure inspection and diagnosis
Turnover 2017: €12,8m

The GSRI Group provides inspection, diagnostic and consulting solutions to optimize the management of infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. With 100+ engineers and technicians based in Paris and Lyon, GSRI is the leader in the segment of underground infrastructure (drinking water networks, sewage systems, etc.) : as structures are ageing, they require increasing monitoring and maintenance, which make the core of GSRI’s business.

The group also records strong growth in works of arts, buildings and major infrastructures (railways, dams, etc.). GSRI allocates a significant portion of its resources to R&D, in partnership with research institutes and renowned universities, allowing the group to file numerous patents to make inspections more accurate and efficient.

The group has also developed a software for underground infrastructure management, prioritizing tasks for studies or works and assessing their costs.