added value

Through the many investment projects successfully completed, we have constructed a methodology, a bedrock of experience and an extensive network of skills that we make available to our portfolio companies.

Our contribution is part of an open and permanent dialogue with management teams, whose management autonomy we respect while encouraging their entrepreneurial mindset. We share their determination to grow their businesses and our aim is to serve as a useful partner.

Our support focuses mainly on the following aspects:

– establishment of efficient governance for better decision-making
– clarification of the strategic roadmap by defining the priorities for growth
– structuring and strengthening the organisational structure (key recruitment, enhanced professionalism of teams)
– acceleration of organic growth through investments in sales and marketing resources
– stimulating innovation to stand out from competitors
– external growth operations
– improved business management tools
– strengthening and optimising sources of finance

In addition to our own competences, we offer our portfolio companies access to a vast network of experts, familiar with the SME environment and able to intervene in solving multiple problems: sales acceleration, digitisation, improvement of industrial processes, optimisation of the Working Capital Requirement, coaching of management committees – and more.These areas of expertise and know-how can achieve invaluable time-saving when implementing business plans or adapting to unforeseen events.