IMV technologies

IMV Technologies is French company, which is the world leader in animal reproduction biotechnology.

Pragma’s investment rationale, which is shared by the management, aimed at strengthening IMV Technologies’ leadership and accelerating its development in high potential areas.

The place of innovation

IMV devoted a significant share of its revenues to R&D, to maintain its competitive edge in the animal reproduction sector. One of Pragma’s first decisions was to increase the means allocated to innovation (by doubling the budget and recruiting personnel), in order to continue increasing the company’s technological lead over its competitors. The launch of new products developed as a result of this investment contributed to the increase in IMV Technologies’ revenues.

International development

IMV Technologies already generated a significant share of its revenues abroad, but sought to strengthen its presence on markets with significant potential for growth. With Pragma’s support, IMV Technologies laid out a strategic roadmap for international expansion. The implementation of this roadmap with the support of our partner Pramex ( lead to 3 acquisitions: Nelson Dofu in 2011 which allowed the Group to take a significant position on the Chinese consumer market, Leja in 2013, a Dutch company specialized in seed analysis, and the creation of a JV with the North-American company Minitube.

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