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POP Sparring Capital


Investment : 05.2021
Activity : Lean Management consulting and training

Founded in 2006 by Eric Desgages and Frédéric Stoll, POP is specialised in Lean Management consulting and training, supporting its clients in the sustainable improvement of their operational performance. Based in Nantes, the group has a strong regional presence in Western France, working with large companies and SMEs involved in both industrial and tertiary sectors.

QUALIOPI certified, POP has been building its training offer since 2011, matching the growing demand from its clients for operational improvements of their processes. Through this activity, POP has built a deeply differentiating offer and a virtuous business model, supporting a strategy of cross-selling between training and consulting activities. In an operational excellence sector that is undergoing consolidation, the group aims to deploy an active external growth strategy, bringing together areas of expertise dedicated to the operational improvement of companies.