Under the management of its founder Patrick Bomhauser, the Demeco Group grew by consolidating a fragmented removals market, to take the leading position in the industry, thanks to its dynamism and excellent management methods.

In 2007, Pragma became the majority shareholder of the Group, alongside the founding manager.

External growth

Backed by a mutually defined roadmap, the shareholders and the management led an active external growth policy (7 major acquisitions) which enabled the Group to strengthen its position in the business removals market, and to diversify the services it provides (relocation), and to take a first step in international expansion (Spain).

Team structure

To support this growth (€80m revenues in 2015 compared to €48m in 2007), the Group balanced the scope if its business, structured and strengthened its management team by recruiting a Managing Director, and reinforced its finance and information systems in line with the Group’s size and ambition. At the same time, the managerial roles of “Franchise”, “Relocation” and “International” businesses were consolidated.


As a leader in ESG issues with regard to packaging, eco-driving, diversity and training, the Nasse Demeco Group made a commitment to achieving 14001 network certification during Pragma Capital’s time as a shareholder. This exemplary policy provided the Group with a competitive advantage when answering calls to tender, particularly those issued by public organizations, which place particular importance in sustainable development factors.


Pragma is committed to supporting innovation by its portfolio companies, regardless of the industry in question. We believe that innovation is a key factor in building competitive advantages and differentiation, which are essential to the longevity and growth of the SMEs we accompany. With Pragma’s support, Demeco increased its unique product offering on the removals market and implemented an ambitious digital strategy, which today places the Group far ahead of its competitors, and is responsible for a significant share of its growth.

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